Becoming a Better Listener Through Videography


I once asked a fellow videographer "How does one come a better listener"

His reply simple, "You have to genuinely care about what they are saying"...seems pretty straight forward right...?

Throughout the next year, and as my video career started to well become a career, the camera lens acted as the 'invisible glasses' from Big Daddy. Suddenly all you care about is what others are doing and how they act when nobody is watching and when they know the camera is on. It's only weird if you make it.

To wrap it up, it seems not to be so much of listening that is important for human interaction and connection as it is the simple act of observation with a purpose. Everybody has that one thing they spend their free time doing, get them talking about it, and you can only walk away smarter than you were 10 minutes ago.


Luke E. Assenmacher
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