The Interesting Thing About Being Broke...

About a year ago, I set off on a trip through Central and South America with the funds I have built up over 5 years in the grind. It was far from a lot, but I knew if I lived like I was broke, I could make the most of it.

I quickly learned how to cook, use what I had, eat all my food, and of course how to navigate the local bus transportation! Sleeping in hostels with 6 in a room, just seemed like the logical thing to do, and talk about 5 other people who are also saving all their pennies to stay on the road.

Moving to Hawaii in 2018, this habit of "Living Broke" has stuck with me, and let's be clear, my bank account is far from 5 digits, not to mention the school loans. Not eating out, riding my bike and public transport, and finding joy in the small FREE things. Surrounding myself with REAL friends. Perhaps the one most interesting habit that still sticks with me is observing and talking with the homeless about some people who have some GRIT.

Last note is the observations of dogs...they quite possibly have everything humans strive for...unconditional love, good food, and a roof over their heads, and no, they aren't lawyers, doctors, or salesmen...

So go ahead, I was once challenged to only spend $5 one day in Morocco...could you?


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