2 Minutes Observations from a Starbucks in Honolulu.

An abandon Panda Cuisine sits next to a newly renovated space ship lookin Walgreens, amongst a Ross, Target, and Walmart.

A gang of 3 Hawaiian gangstas cruise down the street across the road from me. Couple flat billed hats, with one curved cocked to the side.

A billboard on a corner store spelling "SAM SUNG Elec."...

A chubby asian lady slurping her eggs, bacon, and rice platter. Ealier I overheard her talking to her husband saying "I wish they made an entree of bacon, so then I could order another side of bacon with it.

A song that brings back memories of my time in Cedar Falls Iowa.

Much Mahalos,

Luke E. Assenmacher
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Lucas Assenmacher