How It Works


Step 1 : First Date

Dating comes with it’s fair share of awkward silences, differences in values, and the hot or not factor…Let’s put our priorities together and see if we have a match.

This is a pretty non-formal facetime or face to face meetup. Talk story, and see if a second date is in the cards.

STEP 2 : Concept Development

Alright, we are on to something here. Time to put pen to paper in our first storyboarding session. Where we break your project into scenes that give your story the backbone for the race ahead.

We will be going over these 4 buildings blocks of Concept Development

  1. Purpose

  2. Audience

  3. Main Ideas

  4. What does a realistically executable project look like.


STEP 3 : StoryBoarding

Give it a few days, and we will get back to you with some storyboarding ideas sketched on paper. It’s like a comic book at this point. You pick the ones you like, the one you don’t like, we schedule some shoots, and about to make it happen!